Our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

We believe that everyone should have equal access to career opportunities, and thus have the chance to reach their potential. We also believe that a diverse workforce is key to a thriving business.

So, we’ve focused our CSR strategy on making the tech sector more accessible to individuals who are under-represented in hands on tech role and non tech roles in the tech space – women and those from diverse ethnic minority and/or low-socio economic backgrounds.  We’re benchmarking our programmes to contribute to the positive transformations of our economies and societies – and we are centring them around the skills development of these groups to increase employment opportunities for them in both the tech sector and beyond.

Through this, we aim to enhance the diversity of the tech industry and our workforce, as well as empower our staff to contribute to our overall goal by sharing their own skills and experiences, so that together, we can make a positive impact on the community.

Sharing Our Skills and Experiences to Increase Employability Prospect

When it comes to building a sustainable future, too many young women lack confidence and don’t see a career in technology as part of the solution. So not enough women want to be part of our industry – particularly as some have been facing long-standing barriers preventing them from accessing employment opportunities.  To create a bright tomorrow for all, we must ensure we better reflect the society of today by increasing opportunities for underrepresented groups in the Technology industry.

Delivering Talks at Community groups and Schools/Colleges
 To contribute towards raising the profile of tech careers, Techfidence will partner with a number of community groups each year to share our career stories and experiences of developing satisfying careers in tech.  We will also offer talks in a number of schools/colleges throughout the UK each year to inspire a new generation of young women to see tech as a viable career and know there is space for them, in an industry widely viewed as very male dominated.

Techfidence Scholarship Fund

To contribute towards improving diversity in the tech space Techfidence is committed to contributing 5% of our revenue to build a scholarship fund for women from low social economic backgrounds to be used towards the cost of a place on our Confidence Coaching Programme and give young women the confidence to pursue a career in tech.  The Confidence Coaching Programme helps to give clarity on their career goals, identity limiting beliefs that may be preventing them from pursuing a career in tech, build confidence in themselves, their existing skills and their abilities, help to identify a potential career in tech that matches their values, help to create a realistic action steps plan, and will keep them accountable on the journey to achieving their goals.

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